Flinders Monument

Victoria, Australia

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Some had been flying PG and Speedwing early morning for hours at the Golf course. About 11 it came on at the Monument and we all got lots of very good ...

Direção Requerida de Vento para Decolagem


-38.4751, 145.024 : 37.0 m

Área de Pouso

-38.4762, 145.025 : 1.0 m

Nascer do Sol

7:08 AM

Pôr do Sol

7:54 PM

Zona Horária

Horário Padrão da Austrália Oriental (+1100)

Grassy cliff edge. Flight- From the Monument the trip up to Shoreham is exciting. Generally flown in October/November when there is lots of easterlies, this site has a difficult cliff takeoff and often major tubulence low on the cliffs. It can be very difficult to get up in light conditions. in fact, in very light conditions it can seem soarable, but there appears to be some form of thermal block which destroys lift below cliff level. In good conditions, however, excellent height can be achieved, and you can fly all the way down to Shoreham, though it is very difficult to get all the way back. (You need a touch of North in the wind for this). The boats anchored by the pier in front of the site offer a good indicator of wind direction. There is an excellent, and usually wide beach available to the right for landings, and plenty of lawn beside the car park there to pack up on. Hazards/Comments The Monument works in an Easterly wind direction and gets a bit wild when it blows up to 20knts. The takeoff can be difficult. DO NOT under any circumstances fly in close to the cliff after take off if you are below the top of the cliff. Landing in the vacant land down the road to the North end of the ridge should only be attempted after discussing the hazards with a local flier. Beach landings are safer, but can still be tricky as it is a narrow beach with turbulence at the base of the near vertical cliff. The Monument site can be beautifully smooth when blowing 14-18 kts and straight on, but we have seen more near serious accidents here than possibly any other Victorian site. The takeoff for paragliders is VERY tricky. 75km S of Melbourne. Flinders township, East coast. Melways Map 260, J10. 145 1.7E, 38 28.7S

Watch out for wind lines & white caps approaching, get out of the air if they appear to move in.

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