Quixada - Morro do Urucum

State of Ceará, Brazil

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Regi Oliveira Carregou um voo de 4km Dentro AVLNP
Luiz Meissner Carregou um voo de 2km
Luiz Meissner Carregou um voo de 3km
Luiz Meissner Carregou um voo de 2km

Direção Requerida de Vento para Decolagem


-5.0359, -39.008 : 470.0 m

Área de Pouso

-5.07806, -39.0363 : 200.0 m

Nascer do Sol

5:14 AM

Pôr do Sol

5:28 PM

Zona Horária

Brasilia Time (-0300)

Strong thermals, excellent conditions for XC flighs and a pleasant soaring flight on sunsets. XC-flights: retrieves complicated/ tricky/ time consuming due to (very) poor roads (specially until Monsenhor Tabosa) and lousy communications (improving every year). However this remains the the best XC site for long distance (straight line) flights in the world. XC-flights: carry LOTS of water, a hat and sun cream!!!

One wooden ramp for hang-gliders and natural dirt ramp for paragliders. Bail-out LZ: in front of TO -left side (lake), better to avoid (long retrieve); 'Official' LZ in front of Hotel 'Pedra dos Ventos' (see coordinates) Circa 106 miles from Fortaleza on either BR 116 road (the “Cotton Road”) or on CE 060 state road, both good paved ones. The ramp is 7.5 miles from Quixadá on a partly bricked, partly paved uphill road.

Wind can be (too) strong on TO from September to January. 'Paulo' (TO-director) will 'find' a window for a safe launch...

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