Tenerife - Izana (Izaña) - North-West

Canary Islands, Spain

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28.3289, -16.4914 : 2178.0 m

Área de Pouso

28.4156, -16.5582 : 4.0 m

Nascer do Sol

7:39 AM

Pôr do Sol

6:09 PM

Zona Horária

Western European Time (+0000)

This is one of the only two legally permitted TO-sites in the 'Teide'-National Park! This site is normally flown (very) early in the morning; later the cloud cover can clodr completely and/ or the east wind will not permit TO anymore. Landing is in the parking lot in Puerto de la Cruz. There is a bail-out LZ just after crossing the highway/ round-about (N28.39794 W16.54144/ 100m)

If the wind is coming from the EAST (landside) in Puerto de la Cruz, do NOT set up your approach over the water, ALWAYS remain over land! (you'd not be the first pilot to drown in the sea, because he could not reach land anymore...)

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