Milk Hill

England, UK

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Paragliding Milk Hill, 13 Jan 2016
First time out in 2016 road testing my new harness, very nice. A few peeps on the hill and I think I got just about everyone in these clips. Cold, mildly moist but got ...
Aaron Hughes Adicionado

Milk Hill Paragliding
XC flight from Milk to Culham, 53 km.
Aaron Hughes Adicionado


51.379, -1.85631 : 262.0 m

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7:40 AM

Pôr do Sol

5:04 PM

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Greenwich Mean Time (+0000)

A few hundred yards onto the gravel road, pay £1.50 in the letterbox next to the road (sign posted). Only 5 cars allowed to park at the top. If it is full, drop your kit and park the car at the bottom. It is only 10min walk back along the road.

Grass covered bowl Slopes of the bowl - not difficult na. na. na.

When the wind turns more southerly, the hill in front messes things up and you better stay out of the bowl. Currently, if you are a Pilot rated full club member of TVHGC, that hill is also open for take-off and called

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