Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, France

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45.7469, 6.50417 : 1924.0 m

Área de Pouso

45.7215, 6.5534 : 702.0 m

Nascer do Sol

7:15 AM

Pôr do Sol

6:19 PM

Zona Horária

Horário Padrão da Europa Central (+0100)

a good idee to go to 'Aravis', in spring. Beaufortain is a good district for family holidays: a lots of differents activities. If the wind is north, or NW, you can finish your day in 'Le Cormet de Roseland', a soaring site. You will fly until the night with the breeze!

alti: 1940m there are 2 takeoff: to the SE, during the morning. Just near the altitude restaurant. It's the better To the NW, when the breeze coming in your back near the restaurant. This takeoff is on the top, on the West side. Walk a few minuts. there are 2 landings For SE TO, at la Pompe before arriving in Beaufort alti: 700m For NW TO, in 'Marthod Les ratelières' alti: 390m from Albertville go to Beaufort (D925). Cross 'Villard sur Doron' and stay on the same road. Just after the crossroad (Les Saisies/Beaufort) turn to the left. Landing area is just near a big shed. from 'Albertville', go to 'Les Saisies'. You can stop at the landing area. After go to 'Les Saisies' and turn to the left when you arrive in this ski station. Keep the road to the end, there is an altitude restaurant on the top.

if you wait the breeze will comming in your back.

25 km
28 km
31 km
30 km
34 km
38 km
49 km
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54 km


N 0 0
NNE 0 0
NE 0 0
ENE 0 0
E 0 5
ESE 0 5
SE 10 0
SSE 10 0
S 10 0
SSW 0 5
SW 0 5
WSW 0 5
W 10 0
WNW 10 0
NW 10 0
NNW 0 0